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Unfurling The Stars £100 million Challenge

The 2018 FIFA World Cup is around the corner, and Russia – the host is going to encounter Saudi Arabia in the very first match. A total of 64 football matches are organised to take place and by the time the World Cup champions kiss the trophy, one among the viewers could turn into a multi-millionaire.

The world of poker has brought together a whole new challenge for their enthusiasts called the ‘The Stars £100 million Challenge’. Poker fanatics from all of the United Kingdom are welcomed to put their soothsaying skills to test for a prize of £100 million.

Anyone who wishes to participate has to correctly predict the results of all the 64 scheduled matches. Eventually, if there is more than a single winner, the prize amount will be shared between the winners.

How To Participate

To take part in the challenge, firstly open the Stars £100 million Challenge page and go to the online selection form. Across the eight groups and 64 matches, make your predictions by choosing the country of your choice. Continue making your selections as each selection would decide the team that would advance to the next stage eventually letting you decide the champion.

Once this is done, it is time to sit back with your finger crossed hoping for your predictions to come true.

How Are Points Allotted?

There is a Leader-board present on the Stars £100 million Challenge page where all the participants’ names are listed. Participants earn points after the actual FIFA World Cup 2018’s results are out. A total of 138 points could be earned if you get all the predictions right, and this would lead you to win the £100 million cash prize. Alongside the main prize, there are also thousands of other prizes for the people who score the most number of points.