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Mukul Pahuja starts 2015 with a major victory

Online poker is particularly lucrative during winter, when land-based casinos are scheduling few tournaments and most of them are aimed at poker professionals anyway. Online, there were tournament appealing to both express and amateurs and even though the prizes can’t compare with what the biggest live poker tournaments offer, they are still worth the effort.Mukul Pahuja starts 2015 with a major victory

Online gambling is illegal in the United States, which explains why poker players have no choice but to focus on those tournaments hosted by brick-and-mortar casinos. Some are more committed than others and play in virtually all important events that take place nearby. Mukul Pahuja is one of the American players who is a familiar sight and the stables and much to his credit he managed to put the time spent here to good use in 2014.

His most recent achievement came at the beginning of 2015 at Harrah’s Atlantic City casino, where the player from Coconut Creek Florida won the tournament. The buy-in was not prohibitive, but $1675 to be paid out of pocket is not something to take lightly. The number of players who participated exceeding 460 and the guaranteed prize pool was therefore exceeded. Almost $700,000 were divided among those who make the final table and survived the difficult bubble stage.

Almost a quarter of the money went to the winner, and the first one to be eliminated in the final table had to settle for 10 times less money. The winner also collected 3000 points that count in the World Poker Tour Season XII Player of the Year race, so Mukul has hit two birds with one stone. His commitment to the cause made it possible for the poker player to win in excess of $1.5 million overall and he started as a favorite to prevail here as well.

He dominated the final table despite the fact that he was rarely the chip leader, but he claimed this position and consolidated it when three handed play started. His advantage over the runner-up Jack Toole was not impressive but eventually proved decisive, because the two players shop all their chips in the middle with strong hands. Jake lost and had to settle for $91,000, while the winner won $50,000 more, with the other seven finalists receiving the amount published in the list below:

Place Player Hometown Prize
1 Mukul Pahuja Coconut Creek, FL $148,345
2 Jake Toole Hoboken, NJ $91,722
3 Gajan Jeganathan Monmouth Jct, NJ $67,006
4 Michael Dentale Brooklyn, NY $49,673
5 James Petolicchio Sewell, NJ $37,357
6 Adam Teasdale Wilmington, NC $28,497
7 Jesse Cohen Ardmore, PA $22,046
8 Joseph Liberta Berlin, NJ $17,298
9 David Matthews Winchester, VA $13,766