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Local favorite wins the Mid-States Poker Tour

As the biggest poker tournaments are preparing to leave the United States for Europe, with some of them stopping in Asia, only a handful of events are left to be played on American soil. The Mid-States Poker Tour is a shining example of a tournament that is interesting enough to attract both local players and poker professionals from outside the state borders.


A total of 400 players participated in this competition and much to the delight of locals, the winner was Jonathan Olson. He is a regular at the Meskwaki Casino in Tama, so it goes without saying that he felt well within his comfort zone while at these tables. On the other hand, pressure increased as he advanced into the competition, with the final table being quite intense. The winner was guaranteed to win almost $100,000, while the runner-up would have to settle to a bit over half that amount.

Johnson got lucky on several occasions before the final table began, which gave him a sense of free rolling, but he never took his eyes off the prize. He kept playing aggressive poker throughout the final table and caused three eliminations in a row, which helped him greatly increase the size of his stack. He was clearly ahead by the time only 3 players were left standing, with Mike Holm emerging as a serious contender. He was the one who sent Lautner to the rail in the third place and set the stage for heads-up.

The two players were evenly matched, with Jonathan having a narrow advantage over his opponent and he put that edge to good use. It took almost an hour for a winner to be crowned, but the effort was definitely worth making, since Olson won the Mid-States Poker Tour.

This is how the final table looked like after the last hand was dealt:

  1. Jonathan Olson – $95,741
  2. Mike Holm – $53,188
  3. Chance Lautner – $33,083
  4. David Gonia – $26,594
  5. Frank Huschle – $20,291
  6. Chance Langeness – $17,197
  7. Adam Dahlin – $13,829
  8. Lance Harris – $10,460
  9. Matt McGrory – $7,092
  10. Joe Matheson – $4,610