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Leigh Wiltshire tops the 2014 Sky Poker UK 6-Max Poker Championships Main Event

The European poker tour is by far the most exciting tournament scheduled for this month in Europe, but there are several events that attract poker professionals. Those who reside in the United Kingdom are paying close attention to those events hosted by local casinos and for a couple of days, Nottingham was the focal point of attention for these pros. This is where the 2014 Sky Poker UK 6-Max Poker Championships Main Event took place and there was no shortage of professionals.mypokernews

One of those who decided to attend this competition was Sam Trickett, who plays in most tournaments hosted by British casinos. One of the reasons for why he spent so much time here is that in addition to the fact that he is an Englishman, he also hopes to win a prize in the British Poker Awards. His performance at the 2014 Sky Poker UK 6-Max Poker Championships was far from impressive, with the untimely elimination being frustrating on many levels.

On one hand, he spent a lot of time trying to outshine competitors and was sent to the rail just before the bubble stage concluded. He left home empty-handed and he was also eliminated in a hand that he started as overwhelming favorite, which only added insult to injury. Sky Poker ran many qualifiers for this live tournament, which explains why many of those who participated won their entry tickets over the Internet and didn’t have to pay the buy-in.

A shining example of a player who managed to turn an insignificant amount into a fortune was Leigh Wiltshire, a player who only paid €0.01 to buy in. On the other hand, he showed extreme resilience and patience, by going through a string of satellites, yet his efforts paid off because he took in excess of €100,000. Add to this the fact that he outshined a bunch of poker professionals and it is easy to understand why he regards this victory as the highlight of his poker career.

It goes without saying that Leigh wouldn’t have paid €1000 out-of-pocket just to participate in this tournament, hadn’t he won the ticket online. The return on investment was tremendous and the fact that he was more or less free rolling also had a beneficial effect on his play style. Mickey Petersen, Mathew Frankland, JP Kelly, Paul Foltyn, Ludovic Geilich and Niall Farrell were all present and none of them made the money.

Just as the name suggests, they Poker UK 6-Max Poker Championships Main Event was a shorthanded poker tournament. This means that only six players made the final table and these were the finalists and the amounts they collected for this performance:

1 Leigh Wiltshire $110,000
2 Abhishek Khaitan $70,000
3 Stephen Devlin $40,000
4 Andy Young $27,500
5 Neil Strike $20,000
6 Paul Haycock $16,000